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My essay about MI5’s WWII spy-astrologer—commissioned by the brilliant Carrie Frye for The Awl—has been translated into French by Jules Michel-Rodrigues and appears at Ulyces, a new digital publisher dedicated to narrative journalism by writers from France and around the world.

For her New York Times Magazine mini-column this week, Maud talks about the strange bedfellows of war and astrology, namely stargazer Miriam Binyamini’s assurance that “war does not loom between Iran and Israel,” and the wartime exploits of MI5’s spy-astrologer Louis de Wohl. At the Times' “6th Floor” blog, Maud expands on the topic, and she and I discuss de Wohl’s participation in the clandestine and outrageous campaign to drag America into WWII.

German-born Louis de Wohl spent most of his career as a novelist, but during WWII he was employed by British Intelligence to cast Hitler’s horoscope, write a fake astrology magazine, and spread alarmist propaganda about the Nazis invading America.